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That's Who We Were vs. That's How We Owned Our Future...
Written by Doug Devitre, CSP on April 8th 2019
Each business sector is evaluating how artificial intelligence will either replace human to human interaction or use it intelligently to connect directly with consumers. This article reveals how real estate agents, brokerages, franchises and associations can own its future by using amazon alexa for business or be replaced by not keeping up with the times.
For years the National Association of REALTORS annual member profile has revealed that the 50% of members are no longer in the business after five years. Reasons for exiting include not earning sufficient income, real estate was a part time job, or couldn't keep up with the needs of the customer. I predict that in the next five years that percentage will be closer to 90% because of how fast technology is changing, the unrealistic expectations someone new has on entering the business, and the lack of technological skills that consumers would expect from their agent as they increasing adopt to the the latest trends.
You could assume that this post is some sort of scare tactic to sell my services or you could ask yourself, "What if he is right?" and we didn't see it coming. What happens when these voice-assistants get to our customers first and provide a service that is smarter, faster, and more accurate than a professional? Whose side are they on? Does my company show up when talking to a voice-assistant? Do they have my best interests in mind as a real estate professional or are they working for one of my competitors who have adopted to the latest trend?

One of my favorite quotes I saw recently was from Dave Isbitski, Chief Evangelist for Amazon Alexa who says...
“There’s no worse feeling than doing the same thing for years and years and watching others around you grow. That’s why I try to never get too comfortable." 
I think many senior leaders in the real estate industry have been too comfortable. They talk a big game when it comes to innovation focused on technology, but when it comes to actual performance with technology, but there is no real differentiation. Agents move from company to company thinking the grass is greener on the other side and find out after switching their business card that the brand promise was empty.
How do you know if your real estate organization is living in the past?

- It's 2019 and you think video marketing and social media is the best way to grow your business.

- You invested thousands of dollars in technology that doesn't talk to one another and does not provide a consistent experience for agents or customers.

- You are still training your agents with front of the room trainers who don't know how to teach with the latest technology tools.

- You hire and retain business consultants as employees who still lean on PowerPoint presentations.

- You need to bring in IT to have an all company meeting or help you with your webcam.

- Your agents and employees do not have a webcam on their computer.

- You don't own an Amazon Echo device, one of the most sold units on the biggest retail day of the year for back to back years.

- You don't know what questions to ask to get alignment with team members, stakeholders, and vendors to adopt to latest technology trends.

- You take advice from supposed thought leaders who are actually thought repeaters giving a book report presentation of someone else's content.

I have news for you...

You can don't have to leave your business wide open for a technology to take over when you could own your future by learning how to use, develop, and train voice-assistants to work for you, not against you. Your customer could wake up, listen to you in the morning with your daily news, be available on demand across 60 million smart speakers across the world, and engage with customers with the same language you would use in a face-to-face conversation.  

It seems unreal I know...

You might have grown up watching the Jetsons and seeing Rosie the Robot Maid communicate with the family, perform household duties, and thought to yourself this isn't going to happen in my lifetime. Guess what though... Amazon is hosting their first re: MARS conference which is the first of it's kind that is teaching programmers how to make robots that can work in space.  Do you think they will try to do the same thing here? I'm going to bet the farm on it and you can say I told you so or you can learn how your can claim your new role in the delivery of professional services that involves artificial intelligence.  That's where the Skill Building Summit is here to help.
Program your future by programming Amazon Alexa...

Peter Drucker has a famous quote that says, "The best way to create your future is to create it." I would argue that in today's society "The best way to create your future is to program it."  Now don't get me wrong. I'm not a computer programmer. I didn't go to school and earn a computer science degree or spend countless night working on coding projects. There's a higher and best use of my time. And that is having conversations with customers, making sales, and delegating what I need to do in order to maintain my competitive advantage in the marketplace.  It used to be social media ten years ago because no one knew how. Then it used to be video marketing and Screen to Screen Selling because no one knew how.  Now the competitive advantage is in voice and you have an opportunity to be first in and earn a way in the front door with your voice-assistant that you couldn't ever do before.

When you ask others how they are using Amazon Alexa devices, they say Alexa has become like a member of the family. The kids talk to Alexa. Grandparents talk to Alexa. Even parrots are talking to Alexa. Kids might not know how to navigate apps on a smartphone but they could easily say, "Alexa, play Paw Patrol Amazon Prime for Kids" and your credit has been charged. So why not learn how to do the same thing for your own business? Why not create an experience so engaging that a customer could talk, watch, and explore how you can work with them in a conversational dialogue?

That's where the Skill Building Summit comes in...

The skill building summit is the first of its kind event where early-adopters from across the United States will gather in the heart of our nation's Capitol in order to:

- Expose you to the trends around artificial intelligence for real estate, what their role in the process is for building Alexa skills

-  How you can learn how to program Alexa skills in house similar to hosting their own website, mobile app, or integrated technology.

- How you can delegate the development of Amazon Alexa skills project to developer who can create an experience that reinforces their brand, generates leads, and engages with customers.

- Submit your own Amazon Alexa skill to the Amazon skill store so that customers can start interacting with your brand right away.

- How you can increase the likelihood customers find your Amazon Alexa skill and build a relationship with it before your competition does.

- And much, much more!
100% Guarantee You Will Be Able to Submit a Skill to the Skill Store Or Your Money Back!

That's right! Even if you don't have any knowledge on how to create libraries of natural language understanding, choose slot types, or make Application Programming Interface calls using Node.js, you don't have to worry. We will teach you the fundamentals so that when you have a solid foundation of knowledge, you will be able to delegate advanced coding to a developer so that you get exactly what you want and avoid several unnecessary changes that cost more in the long run. It's like learning the basics of your car so that when you go to a repair shop, you don't get taken advantage of by someone who is trying to sell you something you don't need. Have you ever wasted money on developing a website that didn't live up to your standards? The same thing can happen to you and we guarantee you will save thousands long-term by attending the Skill Building Summit.
Save your spot for the Skill Building Summit today and receive access to our comprehensive learning library. This way you can be thoroughly prepared to ask better questions when developing your Voice Marketing for Business strategy, choose which type of skill that you can start with, and exploring other ways you can increase your productivity with voice-assistants.
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How Can Voice Marketing for Business Help Me?
Voice Marketing for Business is a community of like-minded marketers who are using the Amazon Alexa platform in order to increase their reach with new customers, engage with existing customers, generate leads, and make money. Our comprehensive library of multi-resources allow you to explore new ideas through new mediums and model an experience you can create for your own business.

About Author: Doug Devitre, CSP

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