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  • Smart Home Devices & Systems |
  •  Best Alexa-compatible Smart Home Gadgets for 2020
  •  Alexa Amazon smart home: What you really need to make it all work 
  •  The best Amazon Alexa compatible devices for your smart home 
  •  Alexa smart home guide: How to add and control your lights and devices 
  •  The Best Products That Work With Amazon Alexa 
  •  6 Must Have Alexa Compatible Devices To Automate Your Home 
  •  5 Must-Have Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant-Equipped Smart 
  •  Top 10 Smart Home Accessories To Buy With Amazon Echo Dot
  •  The Best Alexa-Compatible Smart Home Devices for Amazon Echo 
  •  How to Make Your House a Smart Home - Technology Guides
  •   7 Tips To Connect Alexa and Your Smart Home | Smart Home Blog 
  •  The Best Alexa-Enabled Devices of 2020 | Digital Trends 
  •  Everything you Need to Know About Alexa in Canada 
  •  Everything that works with Amazon Echo and Alexa 
  •  Best Alexa smart home devices: great gadgets to pair with your Echo device
  •  Alexa - Smart Home - The Home Depot 
  •  How to Use Alexa to Control Your Smart Home - Consumer Reports 
  •  Code Libraries to Develop for Amazon Smart Home
According to the National Association of Realtors Smart Home Research Report
In a survey, NAR asked REALTORS® about smart homes and smart devices, which features tech-savvy clients are looking for, which brands they’re familiar with, and more.
of REALTORS® said clients find locks on smart home devices very important
of REALTOR® clients were not familiar with what’s available for Smart Home Technology
Security & privacy were the top issues discussed with clients
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