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What Others Say About Voice Marketing for Business...
Mark Epstein
Doug really knocked it out of the park for his latest program Living in a Voice First World. He developed an Amazon Alexa skill specifically for conference in collaboration with our marketing and technology department, produced videos, and engaged with participants on social media.
Sherri Souza
Thank you Doug for making this happen for Women's Council of Realtors!  We are over the moon with this new addition to our marketing toolbox about the best professional women's organization in real estate. Program your Alexa today with our new skill!
Alex Carbajal
What a fun and effective tool! Listening to this over and over again allows you to memorize all the facts on Why anyone should choose RE/MAX. It's a no brainer! If you haven't activated this skill yet you should! 
Cheryl Leighton Knowlton
Doug has rocked my world with ideas on how to use Amazon Alexa for my real estate courses. MIND BLOWN!
Joel Block
I’m am just getting started learning Alexa to build skills after learning how from Doug Devitre. It’s amazing!
Angie Stumbo
Check out my new Amazon Alexa skill. Say: “Hey Alexa, turn on the skill Angie’s Market Update.” Then say: “Hey Alexa, play my flash briefings.”
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